BioTeZ Polystreptavidin R Glass Material Coating Kit Streptavidin coating kit Kit
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Streptavidin coating kit Kit

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For preparing coatings of solid phases with a Biotin binding capacity of the type "Maximum Capacity”. It is used for coating of glass material. Streptavidin coating offers a universal immobilization principle for detection and analysis of biotinylated proteins, peptides, PCR-fragments, haptens etc. The kit contains a polymerized Streptavidin, the Polystreptavidin R, characterized by an extraordinary high Biotin binding capacity, a high chemo and thermo stability. Polystreptavidin R is part of the kit, which has been supplemented by a special solution for pre-coating. The additional pre-coating improves the outcome and should be used especially for very inert surfaces to ensure a high quality coating with Polystreptavidin R. Before the coating with Polystreptavidin starts the surface of the glass material is silanized.

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all immuno assays

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For preparing Polystreptavidin coatings of solid phases with a Biotin binding capacity of the type "Maximum Capacity”. It is used for coating of glass material.





Preservative materials

If applicable mentioned in the product data sheet

Storage recommendations

12 month

Shipping and storage conditions

ice pack to temperature>25°C

Long term storage


Assay principle

Silanization of glass and coating of Polystreptavidin

Included in the standard package

Silan Solution 1 Concentrate, Silan Solution 2 Concentrate, Dilution Buffers for Silan Solution 1 and 2 concentrate, Washing Solution, , PreCoating Solution 1 Concentrate, Stop Solution 1 and Stop Reagent 2, Polystreptavidin R Concentrate, Dilution buffer for Polystreptavidin R

Not included in the standard package

denatured ethanol (96% (v/v), Pipettes or pipetting equipment, vials for dilution, distilled or deionised water

Samples to be analyzed

coating material: glass material

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